Proper alignment


Q: Whenever I am hitting practice shots from a tee box I can get myself easily into the right alignment and I hit the ball very well. It makes sense that because of the tee box, getting properly aligned is a breeze. But when I play from a regular tee or fairway etc. I am either right on or way off! I spend the remainder of the holes trying to figure out how to get back in the right swing. What is the best way to assure proper alignment on the course??

A: The best way is to first put down the club face and aim it at the target. Then position the shaft so it is neither ahead or behind the club face. At that position, the end of the grip is telling you where to stand....directly center your body at the end of the grip. Stand with the grip in the middle of your pelvis and then grip the club and take your stance, being careful to keep the center of your body opposite the grip. With a driver, you will want to SLIGHTLY move your center to the right so the ball is played more forward in your stance and with a short iron you do the opposite so the ball is played a little back of center. These SLIGHT adjustments from center are only inches in size.